Sep. 13th, 2015

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So I added and was added by a bunch of new people thanks to the latest friending frenzy and I meant to post a hello/about me post back on Friday. It's been super busy the past two days so that got put on the back burner. Apologies and welcome to my journal! I'm not going to do a whole post about me because I did a bunch of posts/surveys very recently so if you're really curious, please check out this About me survey or this People I post about post, or just ask away if you have any questions ^_^

Now for a little rundown of the weekend:

  • Friday - Went to Yuk Yuks comedy club Friday night thanks to [ profile] lady_green_bat winning tickets again. We had a fantastic time, especially since all three comics and the MC were great. Normally whenever we go to comic shows there's always one comic or two who aren't that funny so it's pretty rare to have all three be so good.

  • Saturday - My little cousin got married so it quite eventful! The morning we were rushing around to make it to the wedding or, in my case, hobbling because I stupidly wore heels. John and I were almost late but luckily no wedding ever starts on time. It was held outside and not a traditional church wedding which was fantastic, even though it was foggy and drizzly all yesterday. They lucked out and the rain held off until the evening. Another great thing is that the dinner and dance were happening several hours later so John & I got to go off and do a bunch of stuff instead of having to wait around after the ceremony. We went to Smittys for lunch, hit the gym for an hour, grabbed a coffee and then checked out the Spirit of Halloween store.

    Of course I forgot my wallet and could only look at the fun Halloween stuff but that was probably for the best. I would have undoubtedly spent way too much. I looooooove Halloween. So much so that if I had the money, the space, and enough trick-or-treaters to justify it, I would totally do a haunted house. Sadly I have none of these things but there was a bunch of Halloween paraphernalia that I would have purchased had I brought my wallet.

    The only downside of Halloween here on the island is that there aren't a lot of activities for adults outside of Mardi Gras, which is the big street party on George Street where all the bars are. I've done Mardi Gras a few times but the fun always wore off pretty quickly because a couple of my friends always get shit faced fall down drunk. Then we're stuck babysitting them the rest of the evening, trying to make sure they don't run off or drink more. I wish there were more adult Halloween parties that didn't revolve solely around drinking. I'm hoping to have a horror movie night on October 30 so that'll be one thing but haven't figured out what to do on the 31st.

    Anyway, enough of my musing about Halloween, I hope everyone's having a good weekend!
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