Sep. 30th, 2015

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I’ve seen a few people on my f-list do posts in a survey like format for their posts which I think is neat and appealing to my scatterbrain feelings at the moment so I’m going to attempt my version of that.

CURRENT EARWORM: Guess from the subject line? Well, for anyone not familiar it’s What’s going on by 4 Non-blondes. I have no idea why I have 4 non-blonde’s stuck in my head right now as all I’ve been listening to are Halloween playlists on songza. I’ve been trying to find some new Halloween music to add to my own Halloween playlist.

CURRENT OBSESSION: Halloween....which I’m sure is shocking no one :P I would warn you all that now that tomorrow is the first of October I’ll probably be talking a lot more about Halloween but I suspect that a)most of you already know that and b) some of you are in the same state of mind.

CURRENT WORRY: It’s a toss-up between money and eating habits as I’ve been terrible with both the past few weeks. With money, it’s the fact that I’m spending too much on frivolous crap and I know I shouldn’t. I’m blaming Halloween since most of my frivolous purchases have been Halloween themed lately. As for eating habits are so bad. At least I’m going to the gym so that’s something but I really need to make some adjustments. In this area it’s not taking time to prepare proper meals and emotional eating after work are my biggest challenges I need want to work on.

CURRENTLY HAPPY ABOUT: I got a good night’s sleep and, even better, I managed to get my night owl partner to go to bed too. Actually, I think I’m happier that John went to bed early since he’s been only getting 2-3 hours sleep on Sunday night & Monday night. Works super busy for him right now.

CURRENTLY AWAITING: My Halloween costume dresses. I decided against buying a typical costume or deluding myself that I would have the time/energy to make something this year and instead went to to buy something that I could wear as a costume but also wear whenever I want. I got one Chewbacca skater dress and one R2D2 dress, pics will be posted once they arrive.

CURRENTLY AMBIGUOUSLY HAPPY ABOUT: My high maintenance friend moving across the country, which I feel weird/bad about admitting. Don’t get me wrong, there’s sadness there but it’s not at all like the sadness I’ve felt in the past about other friends moving. Hell, I have another friend moving to the next town over that I feel sadder about than my HM friend. I guess it’s harder to feel sad about this because one, she’s been wanting to move for a while now so I’m happy for her. Two, she’s been complaining to me through-out our whole friendship how much living in Newfoundland sucks so I’m happy for me I won’t have to hear that weekly dose of negativity for a while. I’m sure once a couple of months go by I’ll be missing her but right now all I can think is that it’ll be nice to get a break.

Anyway, happy end of September everyone!


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