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Thanks to everyone's comments on my last post and sorry for the late update. Mom and dad (who I forgot to mention) are fine, I heard from them late Sunday and they left France just before the borders closed and continued travelling. I would have updated/commented sooner but then Monday and Tuesday hit me like a ton of bricks. A mostly good ton of bricks but it has been busy.

On Monday the library I work at had our traditional Christmas Bazaar which is a annual fundraiser for Iris Kirby house, a local women's shelter and resource organization. We basically have a craft table, a bake sale table, silent auction, grab bags, a coffee table, and a huge selection of second hand books that staff donate set up in the basement of the library, near the walk-way tunnels. My job was the coffee table which normally isn't too bad except when the pot boils over and everyone decides that moment is the perfect time to try and give you money/buy a coffee lol. It's mostly just a lot of running around to put up and take down the tables. All in all my table did fairly well.

Tuesday was just orders, orders, orders, gym and then home to watch The Flash and Scream Queens. Can I just say how happy I am that The Flash kept Tom Cavanagh on? I just really enjoy watching him and Carlos Valdes so much.
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