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I hope everyone is having or has a good holiday this year but if you’re not, know that that’s okay too and I hope things get better soon. So far it seems like most people I know are in good spirits but it’s important to acknowledge those who are not.

My plans for Christmas are going home to stay with my parents as I do every year. On one hand I do feel a little bad that I’m not spending it with John but it is our tradition and my parents only have me now so I’d feel even worse not spending it with them. He’s staying at our apartment tonight and going over to his family’s place tomorrow since his room at his folks place is now a storage room. I invited him up with to Bay Bulls but he didn’t want to have to drive back to town tomorrow by himself since he’s not as familiar with the drive as I am. Oh well, we’re all (his family & mine) are all meeting up on Boxing Day for dinner which should be....interesting. It’ll be the first time my parents will be meeting his so I’m a little nervous about that.

Last night was good, John and I went out for sushi and then up to our landlords part of the house to celebrate Tibb’s Eve. Which apparently is usually only celebrated in Newfoundland. Basically it’s our way of breaking the Advent early and getting a drink lol. It was nice; we got to learn a lot more about our landlords who are really nice people.

As for today, I’m at work for a “half day”. If we don’t come we lose the day so everybody comes and we have a big party for the library staff kids. Very rarely do people stay for the full half day but I am as a favour to one of my co-workers. Our public desk has to stay open until 12 and usually every 24th he covers the desk but this year he & his girlfriend have to celebrate Christmas on the 24th since she’s a nurse & has to work on the 25th. So I volunteered to do this year. It’s nice and quiet and we only have one person so I get to pip off and write an entry. After I get off work it’s back to the apartment to exchange gifts and hang out with John for a bit before heading to my parents.

Hope you’re all well.
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