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Over Christmas John and I watched Masters of None on Netflix and have now moved on to watch Aziz Ansari’s stand up specials and now I want to read his yeah, guess I found yet another person to be a fan of. At some point I’ll probably try to watch Parks and Recreation now although it probably will be a while before that happens. I’ve been re-watching Once Upon a Time because I wanted to get myself psyched up/interested enough to watch season 4.

I lost interest in OUAT when the Frozen characters came in because while I liked Frozen the movie I was annoyed by it being everywhere. Now that it’s a year later the hype feels like it’s starting to die down and I’m no longer annoyed so I figured I’d give it a shot. Currently I’m still on Season 3 in the re-watching and I can just say again how utterly pointless Greg and Tamara were? I had blissfully forgotten about that trainwreck plot until I hit season 2 & 3. Oy.

On the bright side I still love Regina. Whether she’s evil or trying to be good Lana Parrilla is just fun to watch. So is Robert Carlye of course but if I had to pick a favourite....well, Lana Parrilla wins.

We also watched The Hateful Eight and the latest Sherlock episode. Overall, I liked both. I mean, there were flaws in both but they both kept me interested the whole time through. I don’t want to say too much about either since I know some folks might not have seen one or the other yet.

I’m back at work today and the majority of my office discovered mouse droppings on their desks which was a *lovely* surprise. I was lucky and didn’t have any but cleaned off my desk anyway just in case. Yep, our library has mice. In fact, the whole campus does and I’ve even seen the odd rat around outside the buildings. I want to stress that because if rats were inside the building I'd be freaking the fuck out. This is just one more reason for the library to invest a staff cat/cats in my opinion. We already bring in therapy animals during exam period so.....sadly, no one’s taken up on my suggestion.
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