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Writing about feeling down yesterday was pretty helpful and I think acknowledging it in a semi-public manner was the kick in the pants I needed. Why is it always easier to write here how I’m feeling then it is to tell people in my day-to-day life? I suspect it has to do with the fact that my friendslist shares so much that it makes me feel more comfortable doing so. That and I feel like there’s less expectations, if that makes any sense. Anyway, last night I made a point of trying to get back into writing in my paper journal (yep, I keep both an online & offline one) which always helps me figure out what’s wrong and what I need...when I keep up with writing in it.

One problem I noticed was my increased smart phone usage the last few months. I’ve developed a bit of a bad habit of mindlessly scrolling through my phone, especially before bed and when I get up. The new plan is to replace that with more paper journal writing and reading, which will hopefully help me feel more productive. There will be a bunch of other small changes too but I won’t bore you with the details....especially since I want to share these images instead:

These origami pieces are part of Cristian Marianciuc Origami journal series which I first saw on I love this series! I’m nowhere near as good as this artist but it has me itching to break out my origami papers again.
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My problem, in gif form:

...Although, it does seem like the opposite of a problem. I went to the public library on my morning break and I restrained myself to four books this time, one for crocthing, one for watercolouring painting, one for psychology, and one that's kinda psychology but also about being organized. Sidebar, it's so awesome the public library is right next to the university library I work; all my book needs in one place! Or course, it makes it super tempting to take out too many books at one time.

There's always so much I want to do but it can be such a challenge to focus. It's like once I start planning my mind goes in a million directions at once, it's hard to sit down and say "This is what I'm going to do and this is how I'm going to do it". The only times I've ever seen to have much luck is when I did the 101 things in 1001 days challenge twice. The first time I managed to get 56 out of 101, the second time it was about 70+ out of 101, so who knows? Maybe if I did it again I'd get the full 101 things completed. I've been toying around with the idea of doing another list.

One thing I would add would be learning how to paint with watercolours. I did learn a little back in university but it was briefly touched on in a drawing class. Funny enough, in the two years of painting classes I did for my degree we never once had a class on watercolours. The focus was almost solely on oil with brief classes in encaustic painting and using gouache. Using acrylic wasn't encouraged which I always felt was pretty stupid and outdated of our professors....and I'm starting to delve into an art school rant apparently. Better stop before this gets two extra paragraphs. Suffice to say, I wished we had done more with other paint types.

All the hustle and bustle on campus has gotten me thinking about my days as a student. On days like today I think "Oh I envy the students. So much energy, so much to look forward to". Then there are other days when I look at my student loan payments, remember exams & assignments, and think "Yeah, I'm so glad I'm finished".
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According to my email from Bootlegger. I don't know why find spam/advertising email subject lines amusing but I do. When you think about it, it is kind of weird to get emails from companies, especially ones that use your name as if you're old friends...but I didn't come here to talk about ads so enough about that.

Things have been good but busy. Work is still struggling with Alma and I've been mostly working on ordering and editing code for our work wiki. Nothing too exciting happened on the work front. John and I have been going to the gym almost every night this week and we've been trying out different equipment. It's been fun although I do find the weights section a little intimidating because it's always full of muscular people who look so intense and I'm here like "I have no idea what I'm doing, I'm going back to cardio". I haven't lost any weight but I've already noticed a slight change already. My belly's not poking out as much and I have more energy in the evenings now.

I also found out there's a bowling legaue at MUN which I signed up for. It's every week on Thursday and not too expensive, only 16 bucks a week for three games. I love bowling though and don't get enough opportunities to play so I'm excited. I just hope I don't feel too awkward in the crowd because I'm sure it will be a bunch of people from the campus that I've never met before. But hey, it's a bit more exercise.

The craft/flea market sale is tomorrow and I so do not have enough craft stuff to sell. I'm going to try and fix that this afternoon and tonight but at least I have a bunch of books to sell. Besides, who knows? Maybe the less I'll have to sell the more likely I'll sell what I have? I've never sold at a flea market before and I really just signed up to see if I could sell any second hand books there. I have a lot of books I need though not necessary want to get rid of and I figure if I can sell them that might motivate me to clear out my book collection a little. Second hand books I have no trouble giving away but I've a hard time just handing over books I bought new.

So that's been my week, I hope everyone else has been well.

Bloo bagoo

Aug. 27th, 2015 10:22 am
thenerdygirl: (Tea club) similish for “What’s up?” apparently. I don’t know what’s funnier, that there are defined similish words online or that I went looking for them. This past weekend I re-installed the original Sims game after talking about it on [ profile] papertea's journal and talk about a flashback of the past. It’s amazing to think I use to spend hours playing this game when I was a teen. What was even funnier is that while I was re-installing and playing Sims, John was playing Witcher II on his Xbox. Naturally, comparisons were made.
Witcher versus Sims, plus more Sims talk )

What else has been going on outside the renewed addiction to Sims 2? John and I went to the gym together for the first time. He used to have a Goodlife membership but we realized it was cheaper to add him to my membership with Aquarena Gym which is right next to my work place and part of the university. I’ve used the pool for years but never used the gym before because I’ve always been self conscious about using the machines so it was nice to have someone else with me.

We had a good time and we’re already planning a gym schedule. This is very good as I need to get back on track with exercising. When I lived alone I found it easier because I could just go whenever I wanted but moving in together has thrown off my exercise and eating habits a lot. We’ve improved in our eating habits together in some ways, like including more fruits and veggies, eating less take out so I’m hopeful we’ll be able to figure out how to combine living together with being healthy together.

Last night I tried out a new recipe: Grilled Halloumi tacos with chickpeas & peppers. It was interesting as neither of us had tried halloumi before and found it okay but ultimately we liked the chickpea mixture more so I think the next time we’ll use the chickpeas with grilled chicken or vegetables instead.

I don’t have anything else to add so I’m going to end the post with this:
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Today’s subject line comes from a short but sweet spam email soliciting me to start a relationship with a Russian woman. How will I ever break it to Galina that I am not the groovy man she’s seeking?

I wasn’t on Livejournal much Wednesday and wasn’t on at all on Thursday so I have a lot of journal reading to catch up on, which is really nice. It’s been a while since I’ve had to hit the previous button on my friends list in order to catch up on two days. Before I get to that I figured I’d post a short update myself. Nothing of real interest happened on Wednesday except John and I went to a local diner that was awful which was a disappointing because I had heard it was good...although, in retrospect, the guy who told me it was good was a man of questionable tastes who thinks Swiss Chalet is fine dining. Nothing against Swiss Chalet of course but I always found it funny that this guy talked about a chain restaurant like it was the height of dining experiences. Anyway, suffice to say the diner was terrible. John’s meal came with a side of Fly (They remade it and comp’d him 50% for that) and my side dish had clearly been sitting around for while and tasted old. No, I didn’t complain because it took a while for John’s dish to be remade and the main part of my dish was fine and very filling. Enough bitching about Wednesday though, let’s move on to Thursday which was the much better day.

First off, I decided to take Thursday off two reasons. One, I had a dentist appointment, always a source of anxiety. Two, I’ve been itching to take a day off to be on my own. So I decided to take Thursday off completely as a way of making the dentist trip less terrible. Why would a trip to dentist be terrible? I feel like most people already know why but to spell it out, I have a huge fear of going to the dentist. I've had it ever since I was a kid and I know it’s completely irrational but that doesn’t change the fact that whenever I get in a dentist chair and someone starts poking at my teeth I’m highly tempted to bolt and run. To date, I’ve never actually ran from the dentist and I consider that a personal success.

Yesterday was actually good though thanks to the dental hygienist who talked a lot but in a way that kept me entertained and distracted from the sound of metal scraping my teeth. I didn’t have any cavities and I learned that, barring abnormal circumstances, I’ll never have to get my wisdom teeth removed because they’re small and not going to come out. The exact words when I asked? “Oh you’ve got cute little wisdom teeth. They’re not big enough to come out”. Never heard of wisdom teeth being described as cute but I’ll take it! I was a very happy camper when leaving the dentist yesterday. I spent the rest of my day off cleaning and that night my friends, John, and I all got free tickets to go to Yuk Yuks comedy club. The comedians we got to see are Shaun Burton, Chris Pierce, and Paul Haywood. All locals and all pretty funny but Chris Pierce was the best. It was his first show as a professional and he did a fantastic job. All in all, it was groovy night.

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Today’s subject line is a chapter title from the electron resource Superman: the unauthorized biography by Weldon Glen. One of my favourite things about working at a library is just seeing the odd titles used. Sadly this resource was being removed when I saw it so I never got to read the chapter but I’m sure it would have been entertaining. I remember Superman's 90s mullet, along with that black and silver costume though I think it was still better than the Superman Blue/Red electricity look.

Overall my weekend was good but pretty quiet. Saturday was spent running errands, making tacos with John and watching Bones on Netflix, also with John. He’s a big fan of the show and related books so he’s gotten me into watching it. It’s interesting because I dislike the main character Temperance but yet find that I’m sort of addicted to watching it. At least I like watching the secondary characters. Have you ever watched a show where you hated the main character or characters but loved the secondary characters?

As for Sunday, I didn’t do much during the day but at night I went to a bridal shower for a woman named Sam who will be marrying my younger cousin Albert next month. I went because Mom didn’t want to go along and I was expecting it to be dull and awkward since I don’t know Sam or her friends/family but it was surprisingly fun. The party Great Gatsby themed, there were lots of great little games, and the two hours flew by. Normally I hate showers, baby or wedding so it was really nice to go to one and not spend the whole time wishing I could leave.

After the shower I went home, watched Defiance & a bit of Cutthroat Kitchen with John before heading off to bed. All in all, it was a nice relaxing weekend.

Random: Greek Mythology as described by tumblr. I always get a kick out of these descriptions so thought I'd share.
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My dad took another group of people out in his boat on Tuesday evening, including me, John and John's sister, brother-in-law, and niece. It was a great trip, the water was a lot calmer and I had taken a sufficient amount of drugs so I did not get seasick at all. I even managed to catch three fish! Sadly, I don't have any pictures of this or of the whales we got to see as I was too busy enjoying it all to go for my phone. Which isn't a bad thing. As one of my favourite professors use to say, "You can't experience everything through a lens. Sometimes you have to let your memories be the souvenir".

I think everyone had a good time but I was a bit anxious since this was my first time meeting John's sister & her family and there were strangers on the boat so I felt hyper aware of everything I did and everything I said. You know, that over-analyzing feeling of 'Oh God, does everyone think I'm an idiot?' when in reality no one is really thinking of you at all. Probably.

After the boat trip John and I decided to take his sister & her family out to dinner, with the goal of going to a local place. Of course, since it was Tuesday we thought this would be easy but we didn't realize the George Street Festival (a.k.a a big several day long drinking festival) was still on the go. So everywhere was either packed and/or not letting minors into the restaurant after 7/8pm...which neither John nor I realized was a thing restaurants in the downtown area even practiced because we and most of our friends don't have kids. It was a bit disheartening and we felt a bit embarrassed for dragging his sister & family downtown but it all worked out in the end. We took them to Milestones, which is a chain but not a restaurant they had been to before and we got in easily.

I made his niece two crocheted octopuses like the ones pictured here except they were pink, white and purple. She loved them and they kept her entertained during dinner so I felt pretty good about that too. All in all, a good Tuesday.
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My guy made coffee.
I use salt and not sugar.
Typical Monday.

So far Monday’s been off to a slightly rough but amusing start. When I get home I’ll have to remember to label the container we have the salt in. In other news it’s been a really busy weekend. Here’s a run down in bullet form for your viewing pleasure:

  • Friday night – John & I went to the opening for the exhibit Remembering the Fallen Soldiers of Gallipoli with Poppies which I posted pictures of here. It was a good crowd and the caterer had provided some Turkish food in honour of the artist so that was fun to try. My favourite thing was this spread made out of beets.

  • Friday night continued – After the exhibit we headed over to my Department Head’s (aka boss’) house for a going away party for Cataloguing division Department head who’s moving all the way across the country. I was worried that the party would be awkward because even though my Department Head and the Cataloguing Department Head are both super awesome people there were going to be people there that I don’t work closely with and therefore don’t know very well. Thankfully it wasn’t too awkward at all and a few people I do know well and can talk to easily came to the party. John also discovered this gem in my boss’ CD collection Pictures )

  • Saturday – I had to get up early to sell at a craft fair in Witless Bay, a medium size town an hour or so outside of St. John’s (where I live). The craft fair was pretty dead but I made back my money and a bit extra, plus got to hang out with [ profile] lady_green_bat all day so it was good in my books. Here’s a few pictures of what I made to sell -> More pictures! )

  • Saturday night - [ profile] lady_green_bat gave me & John free tickets to attend Yuk Yuks and we had a really good time. The main act was Roy Daye and he was hilarious! I would absolutely go see him again. The MC, Jason Card, was also really good and even when the mic died he kept going, entertaining while the staff fixed it. There were two other comedian’s who also did a fair/good job but sadly their names escape me at the moment.

  • Sunday – Decided to be somewhat lazy. I just spent the morning reading, watching the Birdcage, and doing a little light cleaning. Afterward, John and I went for a walk about, grabbed an ice cream, and relaxed for the evening watching Bones then Defiance. OMG Defiance! Does anyone else watch that show? And see episode 8? Holy crap! I you don’t watch Defiance but like Sci-Fi TV shows with aliens & humans co-existing you should check it out.
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    Does anyone else ever find hard to wake up when you're in the middle of a dream? For me it's super hard, I can't resist the urge to go back to sleep and finish the dream or try to anyway. A lot of times my alarm clock will go off, I'll hit snooze (a terrible, terrible habit), and get sucked right back into the dream as soon as I close my eyes, until the alarm goes off again. It makes for entertaining dreams but also makes it incredibly hard to get up on time.

    This morning I was dreaming about the Lost Boys movie, which I'm sure [ profile] lady_green_bat can appreciate. More dream details here if you're interested )

    In other news, it's been a good if somewhat quiet vacation week. The highlights are:
  • Visiting mom on her birthday, bringing up presents and cake.
  • Visiting [ profile] lady_green_bat later that day to hang out and chat.
  • Visiting another friend even later that evening who was having a small sale. I bought a board game off of her and she gifted me with a shirt & a skirt to thank me for cat sitting.
  • Seeing Antman yesterday evening, which was a fun movie. Smaller scale than Marvel movies have been in a while but funny. It was like what I always thought the Spiderman movies should have been like.

    We were supposed to go to Grates Cove today but John had trouble sleeping and the weather can be summed up as 'Meh' so we're going to wait for another weekend, maybe in August when we hopefully get some warmer weather. It's cloudy and currently 9c (48f), with the chance of showers.
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