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We're due for heavy rains today and the sky keeps moving back from dark to light to dark again. It's a bit odd. At 9am this morning it was like the sun had already set and then ten minutes later it was light again and the rain started pouring down.

I'm currently listening to soundrown to drown my coworkers out. The sound is syncing up with the rain so it's like I'm working a window open. I'm in a better headspace then I was yesterday but still feel like keeping to myself today, hence soundrown. It's a good site if you're allowed to work with headphones but find music can be distracting.
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Today’s subject line is a chapter title from the electron resource Superman: the unauthorized biography by Weldon Glen. One of my favourite things about working at a library is just seeing the odd titles used. Sadly this resource was being removed when I saw it so I never got to read the chapter but I’m sure it would have been entertaining. I remember Superman's 90s mullet, along with that black and silver costume though I think it was still better than the Superman Blue/Red electricity look.

Overall my weekend was good but pretty quiet. Saturday was spent running errands, making tacos with John and watching Bones on Netflix, also with John. He’s a big fan of the show and related books so he’s gotten me into watching it. It’s interesting because I dislike the main character Temperance but yet find that I’m sort of addicted to watching it. At least I like watching the secondary characters. Have you ever watched a show where you hated the main character or characters but loved the secondary characters?

As for Sunday, I didn’t do much during the day but at night I went to a bridal shower for a woman named Sam who will be marrying my younger cousin Albert next month. I went because Mom didn’t want to go along and I was expecting it to be dull and awkward since I don’t know Sam or her friends/family but it was surprisingly fun. The party Great Gatsby themed, there were lots of great little games, and the two hours flew by. Normally I hate showers, baby or wedding so it was really nice to go to one and not spend the whole time wishing I could leave.

After the shower I went home, watched Defiance & a bit of Cutthroat Kitchen with John before heading off to bed. All in all, it was a nice relaxing weekend.

Random: Greek Mythology as described by tumblr. I always get a kick out of these descriptions so thought I'd share.

Post one,

Oct. 16th, 2012 09:23 am
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In which I post pictures and links to all the crafts & recipes I’ve been coveting. I’ve been wanting to post all the stuff I’ve been seeing on tumblr, which is my go-to craft place since craftzine changed their blog format. Crafty spam ahead:

Rainbow waffles

Tutorial for fingerless gloves

More stuff )

An actual update about my life and stuff going on in it is forth coming but first I just wanted to post a bunch of fun stuff. Oh and this stop motion animation video called Maker. I’m after sharing it everywhere else but I’m rather fond of it so I’m sharing it here too.


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