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I hope everyone had a good night out or a good night in. We chose to stay in this weekend which was nice, especially after this week. Friday night we had a movie night with our friends at our place and watched the following:

Final Girls

Thanks to [ profile] orangerful for mentioning that one a while back. i loved it! It's one of my new favourites and already I want to watch it again.


Also enjoyable although I think my former teacher friend enjoyed the most out of all of us lol.

Blood-Sucking Bastards

Also good but it was a little slow getting started I found.

Finally, we re-watched Freddy Vs Jason

Like all the Freddy & Jason movies ever this one dates itself. Not my favourite NOES film but it's a fun one.

As for Saturday night, John and I decided to skip going downtown to Mardi Gras (A big street party on George Street where all the bars are) and stay home. One, because we were hoping to get trick-or-treaters and two, because we both had hard weeks at work and just wanted to relax. We did get several trick-or-treaters but sadly have lots of candy still left over. According to a local trick-or-treat map we're surrounded by busy trick or treat areas but for some reason our block gets a small volume. Maybe something gruesome happened here years ago that nobody wants to talk about....or maybe the local kids are too lazy to walk over this way lol.

All in all, I'm glad we stayed in. It was nice to relax and watch Hocus Pocus, followed by the Royals vs Mets game.
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Who has two thumbs and makes a goal to post everyday only to skip the second day? This gal! Oh well, I was considering it a pretty loose goal anyway. It was super busy at work yesterday and then after work John and I went to see The Martian. We both enjoyed it, John liked it better than Gravity which I can understand because it's more story focused and isn't solely focused on one character so you get a feel for the other people and the world in the story. I'm not sure how it compares to the book, which of course everyone who's read it claims the book is better, but I did enjoy it. I was also surprised by who was in it and John & I enjoyed making all sorts of Marvel jokes thanks to Sebastian Stan and Kate Mara being in it lol.

Now, onto the halloween/autumn goodness. I was going to post pictures of my two costume dresses which arrived yesterday but sadly one of them has to be sent back because it's damaged :( I'll still post pictures of the other, non damaged one later and hopefully I'll get the replacement one before Halloween but I figured I'd post about something else. Instead of costumes I decided to post about one of my favourite witchy movies, The witches of Eastwick!

It's campy, dated, fun, and probably the reason I liked Cher as a kid. This and Mermaids. It's loosely based off the John Updike novel The Witches of Eastwick and is one of the rare examples where the movie is a lot better than the book. Like miles and miles better. If you like the book, that's cool and I respect your opinion but my opinion is 'Fuck that book'. There are few books that I can say I absolutely loath but that's one of them. It's sexist, homophobic, and all characters are completely unlikable. The only redeemable aspect was that author used some real witchcraft lore in it but other than that, it was awful. I finished it because I kept hoping it would get better and I'd see some of the charm that I saw in the movie but no.

Now, I'm not saying the movie doesn't have flaws because oh boy, it does have some flaws but I think the flaws are easier to ignore because ultimately it's fun. The Alex, Jane, and Sukie characters are likeable leads. Jack Nickleson's character, Daryl, gets a few laughs and pulls off repulsive yet the viewer can still somewhat understand why the Alex, Jane, and Sukie are charmed and attracted to him. Plus, who doesn't love it when the trio get to pull some witchy comeuppance on the judgmental people in their town? I'll stop here because I don't want to spoil in case anyone hasn't seen it but if you like witch movies it's worth checking out. If only for Cher/Alex's snark.

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Ah, good old gifs. How else would I express my desire for murder and still have it be amusing & not taken seriously? Today has the potential to be a good day but my body and brain are having none of that. I went to go grab a coffee earlier, thinking it would help since coffee usually cheers me up, but the other customers in the coffee shop just brought out the hulk smash urge me. I was taken aback by how vicious I felt toward one person who got in my way but thankfully I would never ever EVER act on such a thought. It did make me realize that I need to avoid having too much face to face contact with people who annoy me today because I am just not in the right head space this morning. Thankfully my job allows for me to be quiet and keep to myself on days like this.

The rest of the weekend a.k.a Sunday ) Hope everyone else is having a better Monday!
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It's another list post because I did not get enough sleep last night and doubt my ability to write a coherent post.

  • Gym! - John and I hit the gym twice this weekend, once on Friday and once on Sunday. We’ve been going every second day so far although I think it won’t be long until we start going every day. It’s not nearly as busy as I thought it would be which is really nice as we have no trouble getting the equipment we want to use. Whether or not it will stay that way when the fall semester starts remains to be seen but I’m hopeful. I think a lot of students prefer to use field house or Goodlife over the Aquareana.

  • Sakura Sushi - Friday night John and I checked out a new local sushi spot called Sakura Sushi. The place is small, a little run down and painted like a Barbie doll box pink but the food was good, easily on par with our current favourite sushi place, Sun Sushi. Afterward we walked around Churchill Square and grabbed ice cream at Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory for desert.

  • Avalon Expo -We checked out the latest Con (Comic? Geek? It wasn’t really defined) and got to see a lot of cool costumes and geeky merchandise. It was hard to resist spending and ultimately I didn’t as I picked up three Lego minifigures for my collection but I didn’t spend very much and they were ones I wanted. We didn’t stick around for the panels because none of them really interested us and we had plans.

  • Agent 47 - Saw that Saturday night and I enjoyed it for the simple action movie that it was. Except for the strobe light scene at the beginning, that one was near headache educing and just poorly done as it made it hard to watch the action which, you know, is the whole point of an action movie. I mean, it’s great if the story is good but action movies are more about visuals and stunt work for me. Thankfully everything else was much better.

  • Texas Hold ‘Em - The lovely [ profile] lady_green_bat had a Texas Hold ‘Em fundraiser for her upcoming art show and while I had fun, I also put my ignorance of poker on display. One, I thought we had to cover the monetary value of the chips used. We didn’t, this was covered by the entrance fee which was obvious in retrospect. Two, I accidentally won a couple of games. I literally thought I had nothing in my hand only to have other, more experienced, players point that I actually had winning hands. In my defense it was my first time at Texas Hold ‘Em event. I would certainly play again though.

    I have quite a bit of post reading to catch up on it seems but I hope everyone had a good weekend!
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    Recently I told myself I wasn’t buying any more books or movies till after January 2016 but of course, after saying that, did I do everything I could to avoid the discount bin? Of course I didn’t. At least I can console myself with the fact that all together it was less than twenty dollars and that all three movies were cheaper than they would have been on Amazon or Amazon marketplace.

    I feel I should explain that I love B-movies, cheesy movies, and movies others might classify as terrible and that I make no apologies for this love. Judge if you must :P So what so-called terrible choices did I make yesterday?

    1: The 10th Kingdom, back when I was a teen and before Once upon a time or Fables the comic book, this was my favourite interpretation of fairy tales meeting the modern world.
    2: Splash, I can’t justify spending twenty five bucks on The Little Mermaid but I can justify spending five bucks on the second place childhood classic.
    3: Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure & Bogus Journey double feature. Ok, so this might qualify as terrible but for five bucks I figured why not? It was the last copy and I'm a sucker for nostalgia.

    Nostalgia has also gotten me into reading (or in some cases re-reading) Sweet Valley High recaps at [ profile] 1bruce1. This series I will readily admit is terrible and should not be consumed by the age group it was written for but I will also admit I love looking back at how terrible & ridiculous it was. Essentially it's like someone had written crack fanfiction but managed to pass it off as legit.

    So friends, what terrible things (books, movies, etc) from your youth did you love or still currently love?
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    So I updated last Monday and then sort of was wrapped up in work and other social sites throughout the week and didn’t get any posting in. Which isn’t too bad because everything interesting happened between Friday to Sunday anyway. Here it all is in glorious list format, because I like lists:

  • Friday: I got surprise holiday from work after higher concentrations of lead were found in the water at various buildings at MUN, the university campus I work on. In order to test the water in all the buildings and assure everyone it was safe the campus shut down and gave everyone a long weekend. Aside from the fear of having lead poisoning, it was a nice surprise. So far no one actually had lead poisoning; the higher concentrations were just discovered in a few buildings during routine tests. Most buildings had new filters put on the taps during the weekend so the campus is re-opened again and I’m back at work this morning. I spent most the Friday holiday reading in bed before hauling myself up to clean the apartment a bit.

  • Friday night: Headed to [ profile] strangegoddess’s place for a Sharknado 3 party and to answer your question, yes my friends and I are dorks XD. We had previous parties for Sharknado 1 & 2. It was a good time and hilarious but I would have liked to have been able to hear more of the movie. I know, it’s not a movie one needs to hear but I’m sure we missed a lot of hilarious dialog.

  • Saturday: Slept in and went out for a late lunch/ early dinner at The Club, which is a good place to check out if you’re in St. John’s and you want higher end pub food that’s different from the usual stuff. We split the onion rings, I had a leek soup and John had chili before we split desert, caramel bread pudding with homemade ice cream. They also brought us out buns with molasses butter which is so freaking good I want to make it at home.

  • Saturday night: Went up to visit/stay the night [ profile] lady_green_bat who is cat sitting for a woman who turned out to be my 3rd cousin I found out on Sunday from my parents. That’s what you get for living on an island, btw. Relations are everywhere. Anyway, we watched Wolf Cop because why the hell not and it’s as bad as you’d imagine from the title but still somewhat hilarious. Naturally it was filmed in Canada and it even had an actor from Ginger Snaps, my favourite Canadian werewolf movie, in it. So [ profile] lady_green_bat and I spent most of time trying to figure out what kind of a parody crossover could happen between Ginger Snaps and Wolf Cop. Then we watch The Lost Boys for the 76th millionth time because that’s how we roll.

  • Sunday: Summer actually came to the island and a small crew of us went out on my dad’s boat for a trip to take part in the food fishery. The ride out was fun but then I stupidly got really sea sick because I took ginger gravol instead of hardcore actual gravol. Lesson fucking learned. I’m just glad I was the only one and that it was only a small crew who got to witness that. Everyone else had a good time though. Once again my dad kicked ass by catching the most fish. I’m hoping we’ll get a chance to go out again and that I’ll be properly drugged for it. Anyway, here’s a picture of Signal Hill that I took before I got sick.

    More pictures )
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    Does anyone else ever find hard to wake up when you're in the middle of a dream? For me it's super hard, I can't resist the urge to go back to sleep and finish the dream or try to anyway. A lot of times my alarm clock will go off, I'll hit snooze (a terrible, terrible habit), and get sucked right back into the dream as soon as I close my eyes, until the alarm goes off again. It makes for entertaining dreams but also makes it incredibly hard to get up on time.

    This morning I was dreaming about the Lost Boys movie, which I'm sure [ profile] lady_green_bat can appreciate. More dream details here if you're interested )

    In other news, it's been a good if somewhat quiet vacation week. The highlights are:
  • Visiting mom on her birthday, bringing up presents and cake.
  • Visiting [ profile] lady_green_bat later that day to hang out and chat.
  • Visiting another friend even later that evening who was having a small sale. I bought a board game off of her and she gifted me with a shirt & a skirt to thank me for cat sitting.
  • Seeing Antman yesterday evening, which was a fun movie. Smaller scale than Marvel movies have been in a while but funny. It was like what I always thought the Spiderman movies should have been like.

    We were supposed to go to Grates Cove today but John had trouble sleeping and the weather can be summed up as 'Meh' so we're going to wait for another weekend, maybe in August when we hopefully get some warmer weather. It's cloudy and currently 9c (48f), with the chance of showers.
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