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Hope you all have been having a good holiday season and have a even better 2016! My holiday has been quiet and enjoyable with lots of time to relax, read, and spending time with my parents and John. Last night John and I went out to dinner to a restaurant we hadn't tried before called Evoo in the courtyard. It's a Mediterranean place specializing in pizza and pasta and we had a very yummy meal. Arancini, gnocchi and yummy. After dinner we went to [ profile] strangegoddess's new place for a New Years Eve party which was a laugh, Tons of fireworks and a great game of cards against humanity. My only complaint is that I didn't get a decent picture of me and John together but oh well, what can you? I mean, short of getting a selfie stick....which would probably just lead to me smacking myself in the head accidentally lol. One of my new years resolutions is to try and get more pictures of me and John together because it's kind of sad how few pictures we have with two of us in the same shot. I have a bunch of pictures of him, he has a ton of me but I can count on one hand how many nice pictures we have with both of us.

Anyway, enough about new year. The rest of the holiday break has been good and one fun thing we did was check out a new game cafe that opened up in St. John's. I know that game cafes are pretty widespread these days but Mochanopoly is the first one in our province. It was great to get the chance to try out a few board games like Exploding kittens and Boss Monster, along with revisiting the much loved Battleship. Exploding kittens was fun, Boss Monster was a little complicated since neither John nor I had ever played it so we gave up after a bit but I was intrigued so I might keep an eye out for it if it goes on sale.

Now I'm off to read, comment and catch up on all the posts since Christmas!


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