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It's another list post because I did not get enough sleep last night and doubt my ability to write a coherent post.

  • Gym! - John and I hit the gym twice this weekend, once on Friday and once on Sunday. We’ve been going every second day so far although I think it won’t be long until we start going every day. It’s not nearly as busy as I thought it would be which is really nice as we have no trouble getting the equipment we want to use. Whether or not it will stay that way when the fall semester starts remains to be seen but I’m hopeful. I think a lot of students prefer to use field house or Goodlife over the Aquareana.

  • Sakura Sushi - Friday night John and I checked out a new local sushi spot called Sakura Sushi. The place is small, a little run down and painted like a Barbie doll box pink but the food was good, easily on par with our current favourite sushi place, Sun Sushi. Afterward we walked around Churchill Square and grabbed ice cream at Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory for desert.

  • Avalon Expo -We checked out the latest Con (Comic? Geek? It wasn’t really defined) and got to see a lot of cool costumes and geeky merchandise. It was hard to resist spending and ultimately I didn’t as I picked up three Lego minifigures for my collection but I didn’t spend very much and they were ones I wanted. We didn’t stick around for the panels because none of them really interested us and we had plans.

  • Agent 47 - Saw that Saturday night and I enjoyed it for the simple action movie that it was. Except for the strobe light scene at the beginning, that one was near headache educing and just poorly done as it made it hard to watch the action which, you know, is the whole point of an action movie. I mean, it’s great if the story is good but action movies are more about visuals and stunt work for me. Thankfully everything else was much better.

  • Texas Hold ‘Em - The lovely [ profile] lady_green_bat had a Texas Hold ‘Em fundraiser for her upcoming art show and while I had fun, I also put my ignorance of poker on display. One, I thought we had to cover the monetary value of the chips used. We didn’t, this was covered by the entrance fee which was obvious in retrospect. Two, I accidentally won a couple of games. I literally thought I had nothing in my hand only to have other, more experienced, players point that I actually had winning hands. In my defense it was my first time at Texas Hold ‘Em event. I would certainly play again though.

    I have quite a bit of post reading to catch up on it seems but I hope everyone had a good weekend!
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