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Does anyone else ever find hard to wake up when you're in the middle of a dream? For me it's super hard, I can't resist the urge to go back to sleep and finish the dream or try to anyway. A lot of times my alarm clock will go off, I'll hit snooze (a terrible, terrible habit), and get sucked right back into the dream as soon as I close my eyes, until the alarm goes off again. It makes for entertaining dreams but also makes it incredibly hard to get up on time.

This morning I was dreaming about the Lost Boys movie, which I'm sure [ profile] lady_green_bat can appreciate. More dream details here if you're interested )

In other news, it's been a good if somewhat quiet vacation week. The highlights are:
  • Visiting mom on her birthday, bringing up presents and cake.
  • Visiting [ profile] lady_green_bat later that day to hang out and chat.
  • Visiting another friend even later that evening who was having a small sale. I bought a board game off of her and she gifted me with a shirt & a skirt to thank me for cat sitting.
  • Seeing Antman yesterday evening, which was a fun movie. Smaller scale than Marvel movies have been in a while but funny. It was like what I always thought the Spiderman movies should have been like.

    We were supposed to go to Grates Cove today but John had trouble sleeping and the weather can be summed up as 'Meh' so we're going to wait for another weekend, maybe in August when we hopefully get some warmer weather. It's cloudy and currently 9c (48f), with the chance of showers.
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