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Writing about feeling down yesterday was pretty helpful and I think acknowledging it in a semi-public manner was the kick in the pants I needed. Why is it always easier to write here how I’m feeling then it is to tell people in my day-to-day life? I suspect it has to do with the fact that my friendslist shares so much that it makes me feel more comfortable doing so. That and I feel like there’s less expectations, if that makes any sense. Anyway, last night I made a point of trying to get back into writing in my paper journal (yep, I keep both an online & offline one) which always helps me figure out what’s wrong and what I need...when I keep up with writing in it.

One problem I noticed was my increased smart phone usage the last few months. I’ve developed a bit of a bad habit of mindlessly scrolling through my phone, especially before bed and when I get up. The new plan is to replace that with more paper journal writing and reading, which will hopefully help me feel more productive. There will be a bunch of other small changes too but I won’t bore you with the details....especially since I want to share these images instead:

These origami pieces are part of Cristian Marianciuc Origami journal series which I first saw on I love this series! I’m nowhere near as good as this artist but it has me itching to break out my origami papers again.
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I get in these periods where I feel connected to people, others were I feel only marginally connected, and some times where I feel completed disconnected altogether. Sometimes it amazes me how quickly I can flirt between these feelings in a social setting. At my core I know there are certain people in my life I'll be connected to even if I feel disconnected and act like an ass but it's not always easy to remember that. Lately things have been good but the past couple of months or more I've had more disconnected feelings than I would like. I'm not sure why I feel this way although it's got me thinking I should be trying harder to be social and connected.

...the only problem is that I'm an introvert who loves her alone time with a passion. Now that I'm living with my boyfriend (which, sidebar, is fantastic overall) I'm even more possessive of my alone time when I get it. So what's a cantankerous introvert to do?

Social media came to mind, particularly after I updated my LJ yesterday. Why not try to be more active on social media?, one of the voices in my head proposed. A nice idea but one big fat fly in that plan is that I'm a notorious slacker. I tend make grand plans to do post every day, add people, and comment more often but then three weeks in I either feel overwhelmed and want a break or I slack off, realize I didn't accomplish what I wanted and feel like shit.

I don't know, I guess the only thing I can really do is try and try again. I mean, I might not succeed in being more social but as long as I keep trying I'm not exactly failing, right?


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