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May. 15th, 2024 12:41 pm
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  • I'm thirty five years old yet still remain the youngest person in my office. I feel like I'm old but everyone I work with makes me feel young.
  • I'm Canadian. I'm from & currently live in Newfoundland.
  • I work at an academic library as a library assistant. I've been working in libraries since I was in high school so I know quite a bit but I'm hardly an expert. I'm up for talking shop as I'm always curious about the differences between libraries, public or academic.
  • I'm in a committed long term relationship. He's pretty awesome. We don't have any kids or pets sadly so I live vicariously through pictures of cute animals online. I'm not sure the kids will ever happen but I do hope we can get a cat or small dog together someday in the future.
  • Some days I feel like an adult, other days I wonder if I'll ever grow up or I wonder what the concept 'grown up' really means and if it matters anymore.
  • I try to be optimistic but lean more toward realism/pessimism, depending on what's going on. Still, I'm trying.
  • My journal is semi-private, some posts are public and some aren't, depending on content.
  • Most of my posts about my daily life, thoughts, and interests. I occasionally mention fan stuff. I like posting interesting stuff I find, quotes, and pictures. Occasional gif use.

    Current life, fandom, and more )
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So I’ve gotten into a bad habit of staying up till 1am this past week and hauling myself out of bed at the last minute. I’m blaming RP but also just my brain not being able to shut off about life stuff. It was particularly bad yesterday as I felt like a zombie and I was irritable enough that my co-workers picked up on it. It was like I had a patch fog right at the forefront of my brain.

Last night I forced myself to go to bed at ll:30pm and wow, this morning was so much better. It probably helps that it’s also Friday and that the weekend’s upon us. Plus I drank coffee.

Today we’re going out to lunch at work. Last month we decided to do this thing were once a month on a Friday we’d randomly pick a restaurant for the office to go out to lunch at. Sort of a morale builder and we all had to put suggestions in. A few of my co-workers were like ‘No sushi places’ because they’ve never been to one and have misconceptions about sushi.

Out of badness, I put in one of my favourite sushi places and it got randomly drawn. Twice. Because they did a re-draw and still hauled out the restaurant’s name.

It was pretty funny. Some of the more adventurous folks & people who’ve already eaten it, were happy and we managed to convince the more reluctant ones that they could get cooked food as well. After all, not all sushi is raw and the restaurant has other cooked entrees. So, this should be interesting. I mean, it’s funny to me but I do hope they enjoy it.
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Little too tired for proper update so here's some bullet points.

  • I wish I had more time to study coding. I know a bit and I can edit but building code from scratch still feels really daunting.
  • I really have to give up this habit of staying up till 1am and getting up 7am. I have to accept I am not one of those people who can do with 7 or less hours of sleep.
  • My D&D group is discussing doing a session where we all use bard characters. I’m delighted because I have an idea for a solider turned bard but I’ve never played a spell caster class so a little apprehensive as well.
  •  It’s eleven am and I’ve already drank too much coffee.
  •  We have plans to go see Solo this weekend. Feel like I should mention I’m dating a cinephile. I like movies but not as much as my guy does so we go see movies pretty regularly.
  • We had snow yesterday. Just a dusting and we got off light compared to the rest of the island that got 10-25 cm but still annoying. On the plus side it’s sunny today.

Hope everyone has a good weekend!

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It's Victoria day in Canada, also known as May 2-4...called that even if it's not on the 24th. In Newfoundland it's pretty much a holiday centered around camping. Even the weather is usually terrible. For reasons I've never understood, a lot of the camping takes place in gravel pits. Hell, there's even a song about it, if you like hokey folksy comedy music that can be grating on the ears. I mean, I'm from Newfoundland and Buddy Wasisname & the other fellers band is a local institution so I've grown to like them but ...yeah. Let's just say they're not indicative of my usual musical tastes.

...I'm getting off track though. The point I was trying to make is that it's Victoria day which is a federal holiday so I had the day off work.

Which is great because I had a D&D game Sunday night that went past midnight so I was happy I got to sleep in. It was a pretty decent game last night, I and a couple of others got to introduce new characters as our last characters were killed off trying to steal magical healing pears from a evil wizard/possible necromancer. My new character's a female Triton (think aquaman / namor types if you're not familiar) who's from a family of fighters but secretly she wants to earn gold so adventuring so she can open a tavern/restaurant. Unfortunately she was a little more violet in game than I meant to be but she survived her first night so, success!

Today was mostly a day of lazing around with my partner before I went to have coffee with my best friend. It was really nice because even though we're in the same D&D group, we haven't had a chance to hang one on one for the past month. Hard to fully catch up with a group around, can't really talk about private stuff or have a bitch session about annoying things when every one else wants to rp.
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Or so I've decided tonight in terms of posting on add me communities. I was going to wait till I got a few more posts and showed some regularly activity here on dreamwidth but I got tired or waiting. Plus I feel like having some other journals to read will help me with my goal to be more active. Fingers crossed, hopefully I'll be right.

In other news, went to see Deadpool 2 today. No spoilers, just noting that I saw it and enjoyed it. Truly Deadpool is the role Ryan Reynolds was born to play.

After that it was ice cream, some shopping/browsing around the mall, and then Staples & Michael's. I indulged in some post it notes & cheap stickers for both my bullet journal & the D&D journal I'm planning on making. I've been taking a lot of quick notes during the recent D&D campaigns about what my characters are doing & who they're meeting but I want to organize them a bit better. I could also use a place to write and keep track of the abilities the character's classes & races have because I am terrible at remembering the advantages that could be used in game play.

Now it's just a chill Saturday night. Had dinner with my partner and now I'm writing online while he's watching youtube videos for his new game obsession, State of Decay 2.
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Once again I find myself missing LiveJournal and seeking a replacement for the void that cannot be filled by Facebook, twitter, Instagram, or Tumblr. Trust me, I've tried to fill the void there in those places but it just isn't the same. This is probably going to sound crazy but I just feel like I don't have a voice there, not like I use to have on LiveJournal. Which is weird, because technically I have more people on those sites that I actually know in real life than I ever did on LiveJournal. I suspect that's part of the problem though. On those sites I have acquaintances, co-workers, family members, old high school & university folks along with my close friends. Basically I have people I don't necessary want to talk to on my other social media sites.

The other part of the problem is that I feel like there's a wall on the other sites, like I'm reading other peoples posts but there's no connection. If that makes any sense. I remember being invested on LiveJournal but everywhere else it's just scroll, scroll, like, scroll. Maybe it's because blogging requires you to stop and read more thoroughly? Maybe it's because it's not just a highlight reel but a mix of the good, the bad, and the mundane?

Maybe I just need to be more selective about who I add to my other social media sites? Probably but then you get into that thing about people taking adding & removing from social media as very personal. Especially family members. I don't know. I'm going to try and find my voice again and this feels like the best place to start.
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The apartment could use a good purge and clean but whenever I get home all I want to do is read or sleep or just not do anything so nothing gets done. I managed to get some of the laundry done last night and reorganized my closet so at least that's something. Still, whenever things are messy I start to feel like everything's chaotic.

Things that are blah
1. Work is busy but somehow incredibly boring at the same time.
2. I forgot to move my car into the driveway last night and had a ticket this morning.
3. My eating and exercising habits are still terrible.

Things that are good
1. John and I had a really nice weekend. We got to see Deadpool with some friends on Saturday afternoon and had a really nice dinner on Sunday.
2. I got new books! I picked up Kate Beaton's Step Aside, Pops: A Hark! A Vagrant Collection & the third volume of The Wicked + The Divine
3. I've been doing rather well with my goal to put more money in my savings.
4. I managed to reschedule my dentist appointment until April...which probably wasn't a good thing to do but boy, it made me feel better! For those that don't know, I have dentist phobia so appointments tend to be anxiety filled ordeals. I knew I wasn't in a good head space to have the appointment this month so I'm happy to have it rescheduled.
5. Um, the weather? Well, today it's good. The last few days have been bitter cold but we've gotten a break so today is nice.

So despite my mood being blah the good does out weigh the blah today.
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If you ever feel down on yourself, look at Martin Shkreli and take solace in the fact that you’re not in the running to be the world’s biggest douche. I know, there are a lot worse people in the world and in comparison to all the evil in the world he’s tame but man, doesn’t he just have a face you want to punch?

Kim gets it.

Anyway, life a.k.a work is still busy and I’ve been filling my free hours with either books or television or small amounts of gaming. John’s trying to get me into Borderlands 1 & 2, which is fun but all I can think is that I need to get back and finish DragonAge so I can justify moving on to DragonAge Inquisition. I could write about life stuff but lately I’ve been itching to be a bit fannish and post about the stuff I’ve been watching. Cut for possible spoilers and so I won’t eat your friend’s page.

What I’ve been watching: The flash, Arrow, Legends of Tomorrow, OUAT )

I’ll probably do a post about books and life stuff soonish but I think that’s enough fanning about for now.


Jan. 29th, 2016 10:08 am
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Hey, just wanted to update to let you allknow I'm still around and haven't abandoned my journal :P I will be doing a proper update/catch up this evening once Newfoundland's deep in another snowstorm (provided we don't lose our power) but here's a quick run down the month:

Jan 4 - 8th - Was spent getting ready for a trip down to the Caribbean to watch some old friends get married. Washing, packing, re-packing, stressing, working a lot, getting stomachaches and more re-packing. I am not the most chill traveler as it turns out. I mean, once I was on the plane everything was good but before then I was a bundle of nerves.

Jan 9th to Jan 17th - Was spent flying down to Fort Lauderdale, Florida, sailing to Labadee Haiti & Falmouth Jamaica, watching my friends get married and generally having a good time on a cruise ship before the tedious trek back to Newfoundland via plane.

Jan 18th - Helping hang [livejournal.com profile] lady_green_bat's art show & sleeping.

January 19th to now - Holy fuck work. We're in mega crunch mode as we draw closer to year end and we need to all books received by mid-February to prepare ourselves for the new system roll-over. It's not helping that our new library system (Ex Libris Alma for those curious) is still buggy as fuck. The data transfer from our old Sirsi Workflows system to the new one went poorly. I've also been in a mental low which hasn't been helpful either and is one of the major reasons I haven't been motivated to write despite having so much to write about. I'll write more details about my travels and such in later posts though as I have to get back to work.

I hope everyone has been well and I hope to catch up with you all soon!
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Over Christmas John and I watched Masters of None on Netflix and have now moved on to watch Aziz Ansari’s stand up specials and now I want to read his book...so yeah, guess I found yet another person to be a fan of. At some point I’ll probably try to watch Parks and Recreation now although it probably will be a while before that happens. I’ve been re-watching Once Upon a Time because I wanted to get myself psyched up/interested enough to watch season 4.

Cut for further OUAT talk )

We also watched The Hateful Eight and the latest Sherlock episode. Overall, I liked both. I mean, there were flaws in both but they both kept me interested the whole time through. I don’t want to say too much about either since I know some folks might not have seen one or the other yet.

I’m back at work today and the majority of my office discovered mouse droppings on their desks which was a *lovely* surprise. I was lucky and didn’t have any but cleaned off my desk anyway just in case. Yep, our library has mice. In fact, the whole campus does and I’ve even seen the odd rat around outside the buildings. I want to stress that because if rats were inside the building I'd be freaking the fuck out. This is just one more reason for the library to invest a staff cat/cats in my opinion. We already bring in therapy animals during exam period so.....sadly, no one’s taken up on my suggestion.


Jan. 2nd, 2016 12:28 pm
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Wow, it takes a lot of time to catch up if you've been off LJ for a week lol. I try to do a bit of catching up and commenting this morning but if I missed anyone or anything major, sorry!

Last night I started a new list on day zero project although I decided against the usual "101 things in 1001 days" lists that the site was pretty much created for. Instead I decided to do my own "50 things in 501 days", since I usually manage to get most of the 101 list I figured 50 should be fairly easy to finish. I've still got to add another few goals so the list isn't finished yet but I may post it here once I have the full list though no promises.

Lately I've been wondering if it's better to share goals or to keep them to yourself as I've read arguments for both ways. Some say sharing goals makes you more inclined to reach them, others say keeping it to yourself makes you more likely to reach them. I generally find it depends on the goals and who I tell. With LJ I usually find it helps as I've posted past 101 lists here and gotten most of them finished but I find telling people I know offline is usually less helpful...though I'm not entirely sure why that is.

What do you guys think? Do you find you do better when you talk about goals or better when you keep them to yourself? Or a mix of both?
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Hope you all have been having a good holiday season and have a even better 2016! My holiday has been quiet and enjoyable with lots of time to relax, read, and spending time with my parents and John. Last night John and I went out to dinner to a restaurant we hadn't tried before called Evoo in the courtyard. It's a Mediterranean place specializing in pizza and pasta and we had a very yummy meal. Arancini, gnocchi and tiramisu...so yummy. After dinner we went to [livejournal.com profile] strangegoddess's new place for a New Years Eve party which was a laugh, Tons of fireworks and a great game of cards against humanity. My only complaint is that I didn't get a decent picture of me and John together but oh well, what can you? I mean, short of getting a selfie stick....which would probably just lead to me smacking myself in the head accidentally lol. One of my new years resolutions is to try and get more pictures of me and John together because it's kind of sad how few pictures we have with two of us in the same shot. I have a bunch of pictures of him, he has a ton of me but I can count on one hand how many nice pictures we have with both of us.

Anyway, enough about new year. The rest of the holiday break has been good and one fun thing we did was check out a new game cafe that opened up in St. John's. I know that game cafes are pretty widespread these days but Mochanopoly is the first one in our province. It was great to get the chance to try out a few board games like Exploding kittens and Boss Monster, along with revisiting the much loved Battleship. Exploding kittens was fun, Boss Monster was a little complicated since neither John nor I had ever played it so we gave up after a bit but I was intrigued so I might keep an eye out for it if it goes on sale.

Now I'm off to read, comment and catch up on all the posts since Christmas!
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I hope everyone is having or has a good holiday this year but if you’re not, know that that’s okay too and I hope things get better soon. So far it seems like most people I know are in good spirits but it’s important to acknowledge those who are not.

My plans for Christmas are going home to stay with my parents as I do every year. On one hand I do feel a little bad that I’m not spending it with John but it is our tradition and my parents only have me now so I’d feel even worse not spending it with them. He’s staying at our apartment tonight and going over to his family’s place tomorrow since his room at his folks place is now a storage room. I invited him up with to Bay Bulls but he didn’t want to have to drive back to town tomorrow by himself since he’s not as familiar with the drive as I am. Oh well, we’re all (his family & mine) are all meeting up on Boxing Day for dinner which should be....interesting. It’ll be the first time my parents will be meeting his so I’m a little nervous about that.

Last night was good, John and I went out for sushi and then up to our landlords part of the house to celebrate Tibb’s Eve. Which apparently is usually only celebrated in Newfoundland. Basically it’s our way of breaking the Advent early and getting a drink lol. It was nice; we got to learn a lot more about our landlords who are really nice people.

As for today, I’m at work for a “half day”. If we don’t come we lose the day so everybody comes and we have a big party for the library staff kids. Very rarely do people stay for the full half day but I am as a favour to one of my co-workers. Our public desk has to stay open until 12 and usually every 24th he covers the desk but this year he & his girlfriend have to celebrate Christmas on the 24th since she’s a nurse & has to work on the 25th. So I volunteered to do this year. It’s nice and quiet and we only have one person so I get to pip off and write an entry. After I get off work it’s back to the apartment to exchange gifts and hang out with John for a bit before heading to my parents.

Hope you’re all well.
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So, the last half month has been super hectic and stressful, particularly in terms of work. I was in a flunk for a while, which always results in me being withdrawn online and offline for the most part. I’m happy to report things have gotten better though. I finally got through a pile of difficult work that was sitting on my desk for a while, thanks to finally getting some written instructions at work. Recap, we’re all still adjusting to our new library system with ExLibris Alma which has been....an adventure to say the very least in a positive way.

So yeah, now that work is bearable...dare I say even enjoyable... life has improved. We’re all in the swing of Christmas spirit both at work and at home. John and I didn’t bother with a full size tree since a) no space and b) we’re both going to our own families for Christmas but we did put up a Charlie Brown Christmas tree and we made a wreath for our door:

Anyway, sorry for not being around much the last two weeks. Hoping that now that work is better I’ll be able to be on more and catch up. If I’ve missed anything major I do apologize for not commenting. It’s not for lack of caring, it’s just that I’ve been caught up in my own flunk the last little while. I do think about my friends list and I’m hoping you’re all well.

Dec. 6 1989

Dec. 6th, 2015 12:07 pm
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On December 6th, 1989 fourteen women were murdered for being women. I was five when it happened and I don't remember if I knew then what had happened but in 1991 December 6th became the national day of remembrance and action on violence against women. I learned about the massacre when I got older and was naturally horrified that this could even happen at all but also horrified that it could happen in Canada, my home country that I had always been brought to believe was a safe place. As a whole it generally is a safer country than many places in the world but even here violence can happen, as the events of December 6th and countless other horrific events over the years have shown.

I think what boggled my mind the most as a child was that these women were killed for simply being women. I was a very lucky kid so the idea of gendered violence was something I hadn't known about personally. Learning about the massacre was pretty shocking and it was one of the reasons that while I was growing up I made a point of trying to learn more about women's history when I was a teen and in college. In fact, learning about this event was undoubtedly one of the motivations for me becoming a feminist ultimately.

Before anyone says it, I know violence happens to everyone and that it's important to acknowledge all victims but I think days like December 6th are important. I think it's important to remember specific events because those events unfortunately do carry a horror with them. A horror that has the ability to slap us in the face and remind us that we have to try and stop these things from happening again and again.

I'll probably make a actual update later on but I just wanted to talk about this because I feel it's worth remembering and talking about.
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Me, the past four days:

When I get sick I tend to get a bit whiny and complain. Just a heads up )

Aside from being sick, not much has happened the past few days. I've been avoiding going out so as not to spread my germs around and amazingly, John has not gotten sick yet (knock wood). All I've done is watch copious amounts of Netflix. Friday, Saturday and Sunday were all about Jessica Jones while Monday and Tuesday I re-watched the Hunger Games, Catching Fire, and Mockingjay Part 1. I will say I had a little more energy today as I managed to wash all our sheets, pillow cases and blankets, plus make myself some udon chicken noodle soup with veggies.

Anyway, hope you all are well!
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So that song ‘Love myself’ by Haliee Steinfeld is about masturbation, right? And is it sad that after hearing that song so many times I only realized this yesterday? Not that there's anything wrong with the song, I still like it and think that's even better if that's what it's about lol.

Anyway.... on to Thursday night. I lost my car keys last night after bowling and had a minor freak out as I searched all over our porch, yard and near my car until I found in my locked car. Yep. Naturally my spare set of keys was still at my parent’s house, about a forty minute drive away. The whole while I’m beating myself up for being so careless and stupid and John’s there reassuring me that I’m not useless or stupid and then offers to drive me to Bay Bulls even though it’s 10 at night and he’s car doesn’t have winter tires on yet. Sometimes I don’t know how he stays so calm and puts up with me being so frazzled and so grumpy.

Actually, I do know how because I know I have been able to do the same when he gets upset about stuff. Anyway, we got the keys, made it back in one piece and made a Tim’s run for a stuffed cookie for John & cranberry white chocolate muffin for me.

As for bowling, it’s going well although I wish my game was better/more consistent. I did average on my first frame, fantastic my second frame and terribly on my final third frame. I will keep with it but I think I need to somehow fit in some more practice, especially since the best player on our team won’t be able to come for the rest of 2015.

Alright, that’s a recap of my Thursday shenanigans. Hope everyone’s having a good Friday and you all have a good weekend!
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Thanks to everyone's comments on my last post and sorry for the late update. Mom and dad (who I forgot to mention) are fine, I heard from them late Sunday and they left France just before the borders closed and continued travelling. I would have updated/commented sooner but then Monday and Tuesday hit me like a ton of bricks. A mostly good ton of bricks but it has been busy.

On Monday the library I work at had our traditional Christmas Bazaar which is a annual fundraiser for Iris Kirby house, a local women's shelter and resource organization. We basically have a craft table, a bake sale table, silent auction, grab bags, a coffee table, and a huge selection of second hand books that staff donate set up in the basement of the library, near the walk-way tunnels. My job was the coffee table which normally isn't too bad except when the pot boils over and everyone decides that moment is the perfect time to try and give you money/buy a coffee lol. It's mostly just a lot of running around to put up and take down the tables. All in all my table did fairly well.

Tuesday was just orders, orders, orders, gym and then home to watch The Flash and Scream Queens. Can I just say how happy I am that The Flash kept Tom Cavanagh on? I just really enjoy watching him and Carlos Valdes so much.
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Writing about feeling down yesterday was pretty helpful and I think acknowledging it in a semi-public manner was the kick in the pants I needed. Why is it always easier to write here how I’m feeling then it is to tell people in my day-to-day life? I suspect it has to do with the fact that my friendslist shares so much that it makes me feel more comfortable doing so. That and I feel like there’s less expectations, if that makes any sense. Anyway, last night I made a point of trying to get back into writing in my paper journal (yep, I keep both an online & offline one) which always helps me figure out what’s wrong and what I need...when I keep up with writing in it.

One problem I noticed was my increased smart phone usage the last few months. I’ve developed a bit of a bad habit of mindlessly scrolling through my phone, especially before bed and when I get up. The new plan is to replace that with more paper journal writing and reading, which will hopefully help me feel more productive. There will be a bunch of other small changes too but I won’t bore you with the details....especially since I want to share these images instead:

These origami pieces are part of Cristian Marianciuc Origami journal series which I first saw on mymodernmet.com. I love this series! I’m nowhere near as good as this artist but it has me itching to break out my origami papers again.
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I hope everyone had a good night out or a good night in. We chose to stay in this weekend which was nice, especially after this week. Friday night we had a movie night with our friends at our place and watched the following:

Final Girls

Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] orangerful for mentioning that one a while back. i loved it! It's one of my new favourites and already I want to watch it again.


Also enjoyable although I think my former teacher friend enjoyed the most out of all of us lol.

Blood-Sucking Bastards

Also good but it was a little slow getting started I found.

Finally, we re-watched Freddy Vs Jason

Like all the Freddy & Jason movies ever this one dates itself. Not my favourite NOES film but it's a fun one.

As for Saturday night, John and I decided to skip going downtown to Mardi Gras (A big street party on George Street where all the bars are) and stay home. One, because we were hoping to get trick-or-treaters and two, because we both had hard weeks at work and just wanted to relax. We did get several trick-or-treaters but sadly have lots of candy still left over. According to a local trick-or-treat map we're surrounded by busy trick or treat areas but for some reason our block gets a small volume. Maybe something gruesome happened here years ago that nobody wants to talk about....or maybe the local kids are too lazy to walk over this way lol.

All in all, I'm glad we stayed in. It was nice to relax and watch Hocus Pocus, followed by the Royals vs Mets game.


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