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So that song ‘Love myself’ by Haliee Steinfeld is about masturbation, right? And is it sad that after hearing that song so many times I only realized this yesterday? Not that there's anything wrong with the song, I still like it and think that's even better if that's what it's about lol.

Anyway.... on to Thursday night. I lost my car keys last night after bowling and had a minor freak out as I searched all over our porch, yard and near my car until I found in my locked car. Yep. Naturally my spare set of keys was still at my parent’s house, about a forty minute drive away. The whole while I’m beating myself up for being so careless and stupid and John’s there reassuring me that I’m not useless or stupid and then offers to drive me to Bay Bulls even though it’s 10 at night and he’s car doesn’t have winter tires on yet. Sometimes I don’t know how he stays so calm and puts up with me being so frazzled and so grumpy.

Actually, I do know how because I know I have been able to do the same when he gets upset about stuff. Anyway, we got the keys, made it back in one piece and made a Tim’s run for a stuffed cookie for John & cranberry white chocolate muffin for me.

As for bowling, it’s going well although I wish my game was better/more consistent. I did average on my first frame, fantastic my second frame and terribly on my final third frame. I will keep with it but I think I need to somehow fit in some more practice, especially since the best player on our team won’t be able to come for the rest of 2015.

Alright, that’s a recap of my Thursday shenanigans. Hope everyone’s having a good Friday and you all have a good weekend!
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