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Aug. 27th, 2015 10:22 am
thenerdygirl: (Tea club) similish for “What’s up?” apparently. I don’t know what’s funnier, that there are defined similish words online or that I went looking for them. This past weekend I re-installed the original Sims game after talking about it on [ profile] papertea's journal and talk about a flashback of the past. It’s amazing to think I use to spend hours playing this game when I was a teen. What was even funnier is that while I was re-installing and playing Sims, John was playing Witcher II on his Xbox. Naturally, comparisons were made.
Witcher versus Sims, plus more Sims talk )

What else has been going on outside the renewed addiction to Sims 2? John and I went to the gym together for the first time. He used to have a Goodlife membership but we realized it was cheaper to add him to my membership with Aquarena Gym which is right next to my work place and part of the university. I’ve used the pool for years but never used the gym before because I’ve always been self conscious about using the machines so it was nice to have someone else with me.

We had a good time and we’re already planning a gym schedule. This is very good as I need to get back on track with exercising. When I lived alone I found it easier because I could just go whenever I wanted but moving in together has thrown off my exercise and eating habits a lot. We’ve improved in our eating habits together in some ways, like including more fruits and veggies, eating less take out so I’m hopeful we’ll be able to figure out how to combine living together with being healthy together.

Last night I tried out a new recipe: Grilled Halloumi tacos with chickpeas & peppers. It was interesting as neither of us had tried halloumi before and found it okay but ultimately we liked the chickpea mixture more so I think the next time we’ll use the chickpeas with grilled chicken or vegetables instead.

I don’t have anything else to add so I’m going to end the post with this:


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