Aug. 21st, 2015

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Today’s subject line comes from a short but sweet spam email soliciting me to start a relationship with a Russian woman. How will I ever break it to Galina that I am not the groovy man she’s seeking?

I wasn’t on Livejournal much Wednesday and wasn’t on at all on Thursday so I have a lot of journal reading to catch up on, which is really nice. It’s been a while since I’ve had to hit the previous button on my friends list in order to catch up on two days. Before I get to that I figured I’d post a short update myself. Nothing of real interest happened on Wednesday except John and I went to a local diner that was awful which was a disappointing because I had heard it was good...although, in retrospect, the guy who told me it was good was a man of questionable tastes who thinks Swiss Chalet is fine dining. Nothing against Swiss Chalet of course but I always found it funny that this guy talked about a chain restaurant like it was the height of dining experiences. Anyway, suffice to say the diner was terrible. John’s meal came with a side of Fly (They remade it and comp’d him 50% for that) and my side dish had clearly been sitting around for while and tasted old. No, I didn’t complain because it took a while for John’s dish to be remade and the main part of my dish was fine and very filling. Enough bitching about Wednesday though, let’s move on to Thursday which was the much better day.

First off, I decided to take Thursday off two reasons. One, I had a dentist appointment, always a source of anxiety. Two, I’ve been itching to take a day off to be on my own. So I decided to take Thursday off completely as a way of making the dentist trip less terrible. Why would a trip to dentist be terrible? I feel like most people already know why but to spell it out, I have a huge fear of going to the dentist. I've had it ever since I was a kid and I know it’s completely irrational but that doesn’t change the fact that whenever I get in a dentist chair and someone starts poking at my teeth I’m highly tempted to bolt and run. To date, I’ve never actually ran from the dentist and I consider that a personal success.

Yesterday was actually good though thanks to the dental hygienist who talked a lot but in a way that kept me entertained and distracted from the sound of metal scraping my teeth. I didn’t have any cavities and I learned that, barring abnormal circumstances, I’ll never have to get my wisdom teeth removed because they’re small and not going to come out. The exact words when I asked? “Oh you’ve got cute little wisdom teeth. They’re not big enough to come out”. Never heard of wisdom teeth being described as cute but I’ll take it! I was a very happy camper when leaving the dentist yesterday. I spent the rest of my day off cleaning and that night my friends, John, and I all got free tickets to go to Yuk Yuks comedy club. The comedians we got to see are Shaun Burton, Chris Pierce, and Paul Haywood. All locals and all pretty funny but Chris Pierce was the best. It was his first show as a professional and he did a fantastic job. All in all, it was groovy night.


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